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Yogurt Starter Bulgarian (Greek)

Culture contains: s.thermophilus, l.bulgaricus, skim milk and/or lactose, lactic cultures, ascorbic acid.

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Use to make a delicious, rich, creamy and tangy yogurt which may be recultured. CULTURE INCLUDES: Lactose, bacterial cultures (s.thermophilus, l.bulgaricus), and probiotic bacterial cultures (Bifido lactis, L. rhamnosus) YIELD: Each packet will set as little as 1 quart to as much as 1 gallon of milk. We usually do 2 quarts and it comes out great!!! DIRECTIONS: Heat 1-2qts milk to 180ºF and cool to 112ºF. Pour into a thermo-like container (or Yogotherm). Add packet and mix well. Let incubate 5-7 hours or until thickened to desired consistency. For a thicker yogurt, before heating add 3 tablespoons milk powder for each quart of milk. TO RECULTURE: Add 1.5-2% of prepared yogurt according to milk volume (approximate 1 Tbsp per quart) and follow above directions using prepared culture in place of packet. Reculture every 7-10 days to keep the yogurt bacteria healthy and active. When the prepared yogurt no longer sets your milk, start the process over with a fresh packet of powdered culture. STORAGE: Keep packets in the freezer, they will last up to 2 years.


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